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Greatwall Chemicals is a major exporter of Agrochemical Intermediates having its manufacturing support base in Yinchuan City, Ningxia Province and Wuhai city, Inner Mongolia province. It is also manufacturing and exporting Organic Pigments, Naphthols and Fast Bases.

Having established in 1989 in Tianjin and Jinan (Shandong) , it has moved its facilities and has recently become fully operational. It is now in the process of diversification and will be shortly introducing new products in the Pharmaceutical sector, particularly APIs and Pharma Intermediates.

Greatwall Chemicals is engaged in Research & Development for the manufacture of advanced intermediates and fine chemicals and is devoted to providing high quality products. It has close technical cooperation with Zhejiang University in Hangzhou and with Shanghai University. It has concentrated in the field of environmental protection facilities and the relevant regulations, standards and specifications of environmental protection which have been fully implemented. The discharge of the three wastes reach the Standards set and the company adheres to continuous improvement in this field.

With business purpose of ‘Growth by Quality, Credibility, Integrity & Innovation’, Greatwall Chemicals invites customers from all over the world to create a better tomorrow for each other.

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